Rinehart Target 3D Javelina/ Peccary

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  • Javelina, also known as peccary, is native to Central and South America, with populations existing throughout the Southwestern part of North America as well.
  • The javelina has a solid, UV-resistant FX Foam body with a solid Signature, Self-Healing Foam replaceable insert, which means it’ll take countless practice sessions to wear this target out.
  • It measures 51 centimetre tall and 84 centimetre long, mimicking a 75-pound Javelina.
  • The Javelina target has real-life sculpted features and scoring rings, making it a great practice target or fun 3D range target.
  • The target is compound bow and crossbow compatible.

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Mass Weight 11340 gram
IFAA Group Number 3
Dimensions 51×84 centimetre
Material Self-Healing Foam
Replaceable Parts Yes


Vekt 11,34 kg
Dimensjoner 84 × 23 × 97 cm


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