TRU Ball Release The Ultimate Flex 3 Finger

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  • Fastest firing mechanism with no cocking bar
  • Activated by the bow draw weight, the release instantly fires when touching the trigger
  • MDL – Micro-Adjustable Draw Length – Quickly and easily shorten or lengthen the release head, which instantly provides a faster or slower shot sequence when pulling on the back wall of the bow draw cycle.
  • TSHS (Tri-Star Hook System) – Added magnet automatically resets, ready to shoot shot after shot.
  • Tri-Star Sear is made of hardened stainless steel
  • EGH (Ergo-Fit Handle Technology) – Tapered finger scallop surfaces located on sides of release for a ergonomich handle.
  • Adjustable 3-Axis Knurled thumb trigger.
  • Patented Ultra-Flex Personalized Fit System – adjustable 3 finger piece: 30° of radial rotation (15° Forward and 15° Back)
  • 4 Finger piece sold separately
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Handle Type 3 Finger
Colour True Black/ QuickSilver
Material Brass/ Aluminium/ Stainless Steel
Size L, M
Activation Type Trigger


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