Shibuya Tab Apex Heavy Edition

kr 1114,19

  • Allows for comfortable use of a metal anchor pad while still retaining more natural finger-against-jaw anchoring
  • Also includes slim top edge piece for archers who don??t want to use a ledge
  • Internally mounted anchor pad creates a completely flat surface allows thumb to comfortably rest against plate without screws getting in the way
  • All adjustments can be made with the same wrench (included)
  • Cordovan face created specifically for this product, consistent thickness and smoothness is unparalleled in similar products
  • Tilt-lock finger spacer includes a ledge to prevent it from tilting
  • Extra Heavy
Produktnr: 120420-1000 Kategori:


Face Material Cordovan
Size S, M, L
Handedness RH
Plate Material Stainless Steel


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