Infiray Thermal Vision Zoom

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  • The wider FOV with a focal length of 25mm can be used for target search while the narrower FOV with a focal length of 50mm can be used for target identification
  • The detection distance can reach up to 2.6km. With F-number 0.88/1.1, imaging clarity can be lifted to a new level
  • Using 1440×1080 FHD OLED display, the observation effect is more excellent
  • And the 20×magnification eyepiece makes the target search more accurate and the observation distance is longer
  • ZH50 is equipped with uncooled VOx 12um 640×512 high resolution sensor featuring NETD ≤25mk
  • Using low-power components, lower power consumption, with a standard additional battery pack and a replaceable 4400mAh large-capacity lithium battery pack, battery life up to 20 hours
  • ZH50 is built with memory of 32GB which can support to store video and pictures. Built-in WiFi module supports APP connection and media transmission
  • For different hunting environments and personal habits, ZH50 provides more than 5 color palettes, including “white hot” “black hot” “red hot” “color” and “hot target highlight”. Switching between different color palettes is fast and easy
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Battery Life 10 hour
Detection Range 1298 / 2596 metre
Display Type 1440×1080 FHD OLED pixels per inch
Digital Magnification 1-4 x x
Field of View 17.5 × 13.1 /8.7 × 6.6 degree
Dimensions 195×65×60 centimetre
Optical Magnification 2.2×~17.6× x
Operating Temperature -20~+50 degrees celsius
Memory 32 gigabyte
Colour Palettes 5
Objective 50 millimetre
Sensor Resolution 640×512 pixels per inch
Mass Weight 650 gram


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