GAS Bowstrings String Recurve + Standard Black Serving

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  • Brady Ellison Signature
  • Made out of an innovative, patented material called RCX1200 produced exclusively by BCY, to create the perfect balance between a soft and elastic string without elongation.
  • Available only in natural white color dye for ultimate string performance.
  • SenseTek Suppression Loops are served with a soft material to enhance the feeling of the string both on the draw and during shot execution and they also protecting limb tips from wearing down
  • More strand count to maximize string performance and stability thanks thinner material in comparison to 8125
  • Center Serving fits small groove or Beiter #1 nocks

18 Strand – Speed – Perfect for bows with lower poundage (youth)

20 Strand – Performance – for archers to maximise their achievement at standard diameter string

22 Strand – Stability – for archers who wants optimize performance and overall stability

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Strand Count 18, 20, 22
AMO Length 66, 68, 70, 72 Inch
Colour True Black
Serving Material Crown/Halo
String Material Dyneema


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