PSE Compound Bow Mach 34 E2 2023

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  • FDS (Full draw stability system)
  • The Full draw stability system is designed to provide the most stable shooting experience possible due to increasing effective brace height.
  • FDS actively resists induced torque, leading to increased accuracy when it matters most; at full draw.
  • New EZ.220 snap spacer system.
  • Allows for quick bow tuning and cam lean adjustment. Less time in the bow press, more in the field.
  • Spacers are easily removed and repositioned on a pressed bow. Allows cam shifts in precise 0.020″ increments (Note: Requires bow to be pressed).
  • Revolutionary axle system prevents overtightening of axle screws, a primary cause of bearing wear seen in competitors bows.
  • Hamskea epsilon and QAD integrate arrow rest mount.
  • Machined dovetail plate for zero-tolerance QAD Integrate arrow rest.
  • Machined dovetail plate can be removed and provides machined mounting holes for Hamskea Epsilon rest.
  • PSE limb vise pocket system.
  • Engineered to provide superior stability through an improved limb locking system.
  • Limb pivots tighten against the handle surface to ensure the pocket remains centered over the riser regardless of limb bolt position.
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Mass Weight 1.656 gram
Factory Speed 335 fps
Axle to Axle 34.00 inch
Brace Height 7.125 inch
Material Carbon Fiber
Cam Type E2


Vekt I/A
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