Darton Compound Bow Cyclone RTH

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  • Powered by a new version of the DualSync cam system with adjustable module
  • An adjustable drw stop on the perimeter of the cam stops against the limb allowing you to fine tune your draw length and let-off
  • Features a cam stabilization system that eliminates cam lean

Package includes:

  • Black Eagle 5 Pin sight with 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment
  • 6″ Black Conquest CF.500 Hunter Bar with Smac
  • Black Eagle wrist sling
  • Black QAD Hunter drop away rest
  • Conquest Talon 5 Black Quiver
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Mass Weight 1.814 gram
Draw Length 27.0 – 30.0 inch
Axle to Axle 30.0 inch
Poundage 30 – 70 lbs
Brace Height 7.0 inch
Material Aluminum


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