Darton Compound Bow Consequence 2024

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  • The Consequence has a short axle to axle and is a ultra-Smooth, forgiving, and quiet bow to use
  • Powered by the latest version of our Dual Sync BBS cam system with an adjustable/rotational module allowing for 1/2” draw length increments
  • Fast, quiet and a smooth draw cycle
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Limb Type .870
Mass Weight 1950 gram
Draw Length 26.0 – 31.5 inch
Axle to Axle 29.5 inch
Factory Speed 320 fps
Poundage 40 – 70 lbs
Brace Height 7.5 inch
Material 7075 Aluminum
Let-off % 80 – 87 %
Cam Type Dual Sync


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