Bear Archery Compound Bow Alaskan XT (25.0″-30.0″) 80% Let Off

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  • Efficient?DHC-XR?Cam reach high speed and maintain a comfortable 80% let-off
  • Long draw capable
  • 33″ axle-to-axle and a brace height of 6.5″ to maximize forgiveness
  • In-riser dampeners combined with KillerWave limb dampeners provide a virtually?vibration free shot
  • New roller cable guard system matched provides a smooth draw and less wear over time to your cables
  • Integrated picatinny sight and rest mounts are machined into the riser for beter set up accessoires
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Mass Weight 2404 gram
Draw Length 25.0 – 30.0 inch
Axle to Axle 33 inch
Factory Speed 335 fps
Poundage 45 – 70 lbs
Brace Height 6.25 inch
Cam Type DHC-XR


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