GAS String Compound Set Custom 4/5 Piece High Octane

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  • As trusted by top shooters worldwide.
  • Custom built to your needs and specifications.
  • Made to the highest standards, with premium quality 452X BCY material.
  • Complete string and cable set for compound bows comprising of two cables and a string, and up to two additional components such a floating yokes. For bows with three piece string sets please order under product number 117508.
  • Any available colours of 452X can be requested.
  • Please see images for further information.
  • Please Note: strings will be made served for a standard Easton nock groove (.110 – .112). If you are using another brand please state this in “other information”.

When ordering please provide the following information:

  1. Bow Manufacturer:
  2. Bow Model Name:
  3. Model Year:
  4. Cam Type and Size:
  5. String Length:
  6. Cable 1 Length:
  7. Cable 2 Length:
  8. Floating Yoke/s Length:
  9. String Colour 1:
  10. String Colour 2 (if applicable):
  11. Serving Colour:
  12. Speed Nock Colour:
  13. Additional information (nock type, custom lengths etc):

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String Material BCY 452X


Vekt 0,06 kg
Dimensjoner 28 × 8 × 2 cm


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